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Letter from the Principal

Dear reader,

CTI is an IB World School. Our IB Diploma Program (DP) is thriving. As usual, CTI strives for excellence, so as of September 2023, we are also an IB Primary Years Program (PYP) candidate school, and the teachers are working towards implementing the program.  Passing rate in the baccalaureate governmental exams is 100%, with students getting superior grades. DELF exam results are excellent, all students passing. SAT results are admirable, and all graduates are accepted to the universities of their choice. Special co-curricular and extra-curricular activities abound, as pictures/news in our website attest.

When asked what they admire most at CTI, students and teachers usually single out two attributes. The first is the level of excellence of the school. What CTI has to offer is a noteworthy curriculum focusing on knowledge, skills and values. Our students encounter superior subject matter, bolstered with myriad activities as well as a solid faith. We uphold the tenets of instilling knowledge, citizenship, culture, leadership, international mindedness and faith in God. Graduating students have the choice of a Lebanese system track, and the IB diploma program. Students who graduate from CTI feel secure in their college jobs and career choice, and they become prominent members of society, local and worldwide.

The second answer that is encountered when asked to describe what people like at CTI is that of the family ambience that CTI fosters. CTI is has a family-like atmosphere. Students and teachers collaborate. They share common concerns. They have things done in partnership. They share problems, and they rejoice collectively at success. There is a lot of academic and emotional follow-up, and students feel that they are cared for.

I offer my thanks to the teachers who have taught faithfully and energetically as the months pass by. I also offer thanks to the members of the administration who have worked tirelessly at keeping the school functioning. I extend gratitude and appreciation to the parents, as well, for their support and encouragement. Thanks are due, also, to the students for their motivation, aspirations and enthusiasm. But most of all, I extend thanks and praise to God who has helped us through the years. His mercies are boundless.

As always,

Deo soli gratia,

The principal





Friday, June14, 2024
Last day of school year
Tentatively Monday to Wednesday, June 17 - 19, 2024
Al Adha
Final results for the 2023-2024 school year